Heat Pumps

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Living in the Amarillo area means dealing with hot summers and the occasional winter chill. With the extremes Texas can dish out, there’s just no way to stay comfortable at home without reliable, affordable climate control. Some of the most efficient and versatile comfort systems available today are heat pumps. At Grizzle Heating & Air, we’re proud to offer heat pump repairs and installation to help our friends and neighbors keep comfortable throughout the year.

How a Heat Pump Works

At its heart, a heat pump is essentially a reversible air conditioner, which means it runs on the same basic cooling cycle. Air conditioners cool your home by collecting heat inside the house using special chemicals called refrigerants. When the refrigerant absorbs heat, it evaporates; the air conditioner then pumps it outside the home and forces it to condense into a liquid, releasing that stored heat outside. The now-liquid refrigerant chemicals then return to the indoor coil to repeat the cycle.

During the cooling season, a heat pump functions just like any other air conditioner. During the heating season, though, that same cooling cycle runs backward, collecting heat outside the home and bringing it in to raise the indoor temperature. By adjusting to your home’s climate control needs on the fly, heat pumps pull double duty and provide highly efficient heating and cooling all year long.

Our Heat Pump Services

Like any other HVAC system, a heat pump needs to be properly sized to suit your home’s climate control needs. Going either too big or too small will lead to efficiency and maintenance issues down the road. That’s why we start every heat pump installation project with a full load calculation to determine precisely how much heating and cooling power your home needs. Once we have a properly sized system, we’ll work quickly and diligently to make sure your new heat pump runs at maximum efficiency.

Because they are dual-purpose systems, heat pumps endure a little more wear and tear than most other HVAC systems, and they need ongoing maintenance to keep reliably and efficiently heating and cooling your home. We offer affordable annual service agreements to keep your heat pump running as effectively as possible. During each maintenance visit, we’ll clear up any small, emerging issues before they can turn into big problems and make small calibration adjustments to maximize energy efficiency. Thus, ongoing maintenance saves you some money now on your utility bills and even more down the road on expensive repairs and replacement systems.

Even a well-maintained heat pump can be prone to occasional issues, and if you lose your cooling system in the middle of August, your family’s safety could be at risk. Fortunately, our HVAC repair experts are always ready to help families throughout the Canyon area stay cool. Most of our technicians hold NATE certification, the HVAC industry’s premier credential, and we build on their extensive factory training with constant professional development. They’re qualified to fix all makes and models of HVAC equipment and we take great pride in finishing most repair jobs in a single visit.

Whether you need a new heat pump installation, it’s time to schedule maintenance, or emergency repair needs have arisen, we’re here to serve. Remember: Don’t sizzle, call Grizzle!